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Zombie Parade Defense 6

Zombie Parade Defense 6

Zombie Parade Defense 6 is a gripping addition to the series that will have you on the edge of your seat with enhanced gameplay across several platforms. Get ready for an immersive experience.

Once more, fearless siblings go up against vicious zombies who wish to enslave all of humanity. The action of the game will take place in a sizable subterranean laboratory this time. A virus leaked one terrible day, turning many employees into ferocious mutants. Once the test monsters were freed by the new converts, the laboratory turned into one enormous trap that was crawling with undead people of all colors.


  • Player 1: Use WASD to move, hit with C, use V for grenades, reload with X, and switch weapons with Q-E.
  • Player 2: Use the ARROWS to move, J to reload, L to hit, K for grenades, and P to swap weapons.
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