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Zombie Clash 3D

Zombie Clash 3D

You may play the multiplayer shooter game Zombie Clash 3D right now! To win the game, you must explore the map, destroy the adversaries, and score points. 

Another ominous gunman is here, hiding out amid a circus! Defend the abandoned circus with the help of fellow clowns. Don't hesitate to pick up and hone your weapons since you will be shooting zombies! You can scavenge guns, first-aid kits, and shoes that make you walk faster in the circus region of the game. These items are distributed around the landscape. 


  • Remove the zombies using a variety of weapons.
  • face the zombie hordes in fierce combat
  • Improve your weaponry and health.
  • Halloween theme that's eerie and fantastic graphics

How to play

Score points by shooting as many zombies as you can in three and a half minutes. Gains 15 points when the Scarecrow is delivered to the opponent base.

To earn many more points, return the scarecrows to your base. To improve your character and weaponry, collect stars.

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