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Z Stick Duel Fighting

Z Stick Duel Fighting

In Z Stick Duel Fighting, you can get lost in an exciting world where stickman fighters fight epic battles. Each duel is a test of skill, timing, and planning, which makes the game very fun to play.

Dive into an exciting anime fight arena based on the well-known Dragon Ball Z show. Fans of anime-style fighting games and people who have never played one before will both enjoy Z Stick Duel Fighting. You will play as a stickman warrior who has to fight other stickmen from all over the world. You can choose from many different fighters, and each one has their own abilities and fighting style. This lets you customize your plan for battle and enjoy the anime action.

How To Play

To beat them in a duel, you will need to use a lot of different skills and techniques. In addition, you will have to keep your mana under control, dodge their attacks, and deal a hit that will kill them. There will be a lot of different skills and styles for you to try out. 


To play this game, use your mouse.

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