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Warfare Area 2

Warfare Area 2

In the 3D first-person shooter game Warfare Area 2, get ready for combat. There's a ton of exciting action in this free online game for you.

Take control of a military installation and shoot your way through each level until all of your opponents are dead. Your primary objective is to eliminate any trespassers and adversaries from the region. To survive this fight, gather first aid supplies, seek cover behind barriers, and eliminate adversaries one at a time. There are only a few shots you can get before you pass out, but you can still stay alive by getting first aid items. Find them all and get rid of them.


  • Use Arrow keys or W, A, S, and D to move the character. 
  • To move the character, aim, and fire, use the mouse. 
  • Use L to lock the pointer. 
  • Use R to reload. 
  • Use P - pause.