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Tower Defense Zombies

Tower Defense Zombies

In Tower Defense Zombies, get ready for the arrival of hordes of brain-eating zombies!

Build your defenses and use your intellect to combat them. To combat a variety of foes, construct towers of enormous zombie destruction. 30 distinct towers, 13 different foes, and 3 different power-ups are included in Tower Defense Zombies.

How To Play

You can move the bomb by using the mouse. When zombies pass, the bombs will automatically go off.  

Tips For Playing Tower Defense Zombies!

You can upgrade your defensive constructions or buy more cells to widen your defense perimeter as you eliminate your opponents successfully, earning priceless gold coins. Increase the rate of fire and firepower of identical turrets to make even more potent defensive weapons that can fend off the relentless zombie horde.

Tower Defense Clash and Siege Battleplan are your best bets if you prefer traditional tower defense. 

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