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Telekinesis Attack

Telekinesis Attack

You enter a universe in Telekinesis Attack where your thoughts is your weapon! You are now able to throw your enemies around with the sheer force of your thoughts.

Acquire the capacity to master the force of thinking! Toss your adversaries wherever you choose, hit them with whatever you please, and handle them anyway you please! Be the strongest by using your special ability to vanquish all opponents, interact with various items, and take away their weapons!


  • Stickman Battle: An action-packed game Take on waves of adversaries in fierce battles.
  • Unusual telekinetic ability: Use your mind to control opponents and objects!
  • Different levels: Every level has its own set of obstacles and situations.
  • Playing a game that makes you happy: Savor the exhilarating gameplay mechanics of tossing opponents around like dolls.


To control adversaries, hold down the mouse button and pull them in various directions. To beat them, simply hurl them in any direction.

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