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Tank Zombies 3D

Tank Zombies 3D

Let's play the 3D game Tank Zombies 3D. Welcome to a frightening virus epidemic that has spread throughout the entire world and turned humans into bloodthirsty monsters!

You will play one of the survivors in the video game Tank Zombies 3D who is motivated to wipe out all zombies and save civilization from extinction. Control a potent, futuristic tank and scour the region for the legions of infected that are prowling around looking for fresh flesh.

Only you have the ability to escape the zombie horde and save the world. To combat zombies that are gaining strength steadily, level up your units. Zombies will swarm upon you in endless waves.

How To Play

Utilize your tank to complete zombie assignments throughout cities. Arrows will point to your targets. When zombies are around, your tank will begin to fire automatically. You'll make an effort to maintain your distance. With the gold you've gathered, you can modify your battle tank to make it more effective. 

Tank Zombies 3D Controls

To operate the tank, use the joystick on the screen. The tank will identify the targets and begin firing self-identified.

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