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Stickman Street Fighter 3D

Stickman Street Fighter 3D

In the entertaining fighting game Stickman Ultimate Street Fighter 3D, you take on the role of a stickman attempting to make his way through perilous streets.

Your survival is in jeopardy as you enter a world of crazy street fighting in Stickman Street Fighting 3D. As you advance through the ranks in this furious 3D boxing game, action and roleplay are combined. To destroy the enemies that are on the highways, you must create an amazing combo. Prevent your adversaries from attempting an attack on you. Keep in mind that defense is sometimes just as important as assault in conflicts. Learn the rhythm of each move to get the timing perfect and prepare your attack around the advantages and disadvantages of your opponent.


  • To move around, use the arrow keys. 
  • To execute different attack maneuvers, use Z/X/C. 
  • When your power bar is completely charged, use the spacebar for a special attack. 
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