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Stickman Home Escape

Stickman Home Escape

In the fun adventure game Stickman Home Escape, you have to find out how to get out of your house.

Stickman and his beloved must meet today at the city park. The problem is that just before leaving for an appointment, our hero realized he was locked in his home. The Stickman Home Escape game now requires you to help our character escape his home.

This game requires full mental engagement if you want to succeed. Stickman gets severely punished for robbing his parents, which causes him to miss his date with the love of his life.


  • A sweet romance between two people.
  • Surprising outcomes and opportunities.
  • More options can be unlocked.

How To Play

Use the left mouse button to click to make your choice.

How well your stickman character does depends on the choices you make as you navigate through various objects and plot events. Get ready for an exciting adventure of discovery. 

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