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Stickman Epic Battle

Stickman Epic Battle

In the enormous stickman game Stickman Epic Battle, you must combat countless waves of hostile stickmen. 

This game may have easy controls, but timing is everything if you want to progress through the levels and emerge victorious. Enter the arena, hit as many stickmen as you can, and use the available weapons from time to time.

You will need to modify your play style in accordance with the range and power of each weapon because they all have unique features and playability. Sometimes you'll have to take on stickmen that are stronger than the others, or even bosses, and to do that, you'll need to time a deadly series of hits perfectly.

How To Play

Use the Arrows key to Direction or Attack.


  • New Stick Revenge episode
  • Fight another stick figure
  • amazing assault animations.
  • Numerous upgrades and talents.

Prepare for a thrilling battle with your stickman in Stickman Epic Battle! Check out the Stickman Games collection for more titles like this! 

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