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Stick Warrior Hero Battle

Stick Warrior Hero Battle

Stick Warrior Hero Battles is a humorous ragdoll warrior game that has a wide variety of superheroes as possible characters. The conflict between the Stick Ragdolls can now start! 

Your goal in this amusing stickman game is to defeat your rival. In the local 2-player mode, you can play this game by yourself or challenge a friend to a duel. Go into the arena after selecting your hero. The limbs of your ragdoll fighter will thrash about in all directions. 

To improve the effectiveness of your strikes and replenish your health, try to acquire the upgrades that occasionally emerge in the arena. Utilize the items that spawn at random on the map. Some are useful, while others are not. They each have their own one-of-a-kind weapon in addition to a diverse array of different fighting styles. 

How To Play

  • Player 1: Use WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Player 2: Use Arrow keys


  • Vivid stick figure drawings with superheroes present.
  • Both single-player and two-player modes are available.
  • Appealing and compelling gameplay.
  • Discover each stickman character's special abilities.

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