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Squid Sniper Game

Squid Sniper Game

In Squid Sniper Game, you will take on the role of one of Squid Gama's crimson guards. 

In this game based on the renowned Squid Game (Round 6), your goal is to eliminate all opponents in a deadly gunfight. Pay attention to and monitor the players who move during the potato chip game 1,2,3. Wait until the light turns red before activating your crosshairs and eliminating all losers.

How To Play

  • Mouse: shoot (use the left key), activate zoom (use the right key), and zoom in (use the mouse wheel)
  • Keyboard: Use L to block the mouse cursor

Have fun with this fascinating game and have a great time being the red guard in the first squid test. Squid Sniper Game is a free title in our Action games that we've selected for you to play.

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