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Special Forces Sniper

Special Forces Sniper

In the fantastic FPS game Special Forces Sniper, you are assigned a worldwide unique mission. Take part in thrilling 2D action with vibrant graphics that make every shot seem real. 

A group of evildoers on the other side of the street plans to break into several buildings in Special Forces Sniper. You need to use a sniper rifle to take out every enemy. There are varying numbers of adversaries in each game level, and your ammunition is finite. Given your superior shooting skills within the special forces, you ought to utilize military tactics. Now is the moment to make sure your enemies are dead and grab your shotgun.

How to play

Locate the mark while zoomed in, then let off of the button to pull the trigger. Match your speed with theirs and bide your time until the moment is right to attack. Once the threat has been neutralized, go on to the next target. 

Are you prepared to take the world by storm as a sharpshooter?

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