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Sniper Strike

Sniper Strike

In the incredible shooting game Sniper Strike, you must battle numerous villains to save innocent people and uphold the law.

To neutralize every enemy target is your goal. An army of expert soldiers will be anticipating your arrival. After firing just once, you can anticipate a counterattack. To stop that from happening, do everything you can to eliminate the targets as soon as possible. You can practice your abilities with a variety of weaponry and enjoy yourself while completing several engaging tasks. Take caution, as your adversaries will possess their long-range weapons that will prevent you from winning.


  • To aim, use your mouse.
  • Using WASD or arrow keys, move
  • To shoot, press the left mouse button.
  • To shoot, press the right mouse button.
  • To leap, press the Spacebar.

There are three stages in the game where you will encounter a lot of opposing forces. Grab your firearm, inhale deeply, and shoot without stopping. Are you prepared to get right into a hectic FPS

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