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Sniper Shot: Bullet Time

Sniper Shot: Bullet Time

Playing the online game Sniper Shot: Bullet Time will give you the chance to develop into a skilled shooter. Accept the risks if you want to play this fascinating game. With a gun in hand, you'll be prepared to track down your adversaries and defeat them.

You are holding a sniper rifle in Sniper Shot: Bullet Time. The counter in the top left corner of the screen allows you to view your enemy count. The map in the top right corner allows you to see where your opponents are. When you have found the enemies, click the right mouse button to zoom in for a better look and to get a better shot.

Try different shooting stances and attack the enemy's body from various angles. The battle has begun! For the use of Sniper Shot: Bullet Time, you will receive professional training. You will succeed and advance to the following level once you have successfully located and eliminated all of your enemies. Prepare yourself now to defeat your adversaries and win!


  • Unique 3D graphics.
  • Video game played from the first person.
  • Multiple levels and more challenge.
  • Choice to either activate or deactivate the bloody mode.

How To Play

  • To shoot, click left on the mouse.
  • To aim, use the right click
  • To zoom in and out, scroll
  • Jump using the spacebar.

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