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Small Archer 2

Small Archer 2

In the video game Small Archer 2, your objective is to aim your arrows so that they hit the target exactly. Check out our Archer Games for more title like this game! 

Do your best to rack up as many points as you can before your arrows run out and persevere through any obstacles you encounter. Your high score will be added to your scoreboard so that you can compare it to other players' high scores after you miss and use all of your arrows. Are you able to reach the leaderboard's top spot in Small Archer 2?

You have a total of 45 levels to complete, and we hope you enjoy playing this fantastic game on our website. A star is subtracted each time you miss a target. You need at least one star left in order to complete the level. You are not required to hit the bullseye in Small Archer 2. An accomplishment is any contact with the target.

How To Play

To modify the arrow's trajectory, tap and then let go of the screen.


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