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Skibidi Survivor Rush

Skibidi Survivor Rush

Take on a daring cameraman in Skibidi Survivor Rush, an exhilarating adventure with a distinct mix of tasks that will test your mettle as you try to survive the attack of a contaminated Skibidi Toilet. Surviving the waves of Skibidi foes long enough to pass levels is your major goal in this game. You get paid when you finish a level. It can be used to improve your offensive capabilities. How many levels are you able to finish?

How to play Skibidi Survivor Rush

To move your character when you first start, click and drag the mouse across the screen. Your character's weapon will discharge on its own, so all you need to worry about is avoiding the horde of foes and gathering additional cameramen along the way.

There's no stopping these insane characters—only you can! Try out Backrooms: Skibidi Shooter after this!

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