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Shot For Hire

Shot For Hire

With Shot For Hire, find the top security personnel to reach the following cities alive! Make agreements with mercenaries and journey along Ravenburgh's most hazardous roads with them! 

The most challenging aspect of your contracts as a merchant is traversing the areas of Ravenburgh that have been overrun by robbers. To do business and earn a livelihood, you must at all costs transport your goods to the town. If you have any leftover cash, you may hire a mercenary to help you survive. Continue training new guards, increase the size of your crew for tougher rides, and look at the milestones to get your prizes!

How To Play

Along the way, you'll hire some muscle to help you fight off your adversaries. It is safe to keep moving until you come across an enemy. However, when you do, you must pause, take them down, and then continue. 

Click and hold to set an aim, then release to fire. The secret to these sniper assaults is precision, so practice your timing using the aiming controls. By adjusting to each of their attack kinds, you may command your guards and sharpen your sniping abilities!

Shot For Hire Features

  • Graphics in a colorful 2D style.
  • Stunning artwork complemented by intricately designed characters.
  • Improving aiming skills.
  • Challenging levels.

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