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Sheriff Shoot

Sheriff Shoot

Sheriff Shoot is a fun third-person shooter with a Wild West theme that is jam-packed with action and thrill. Playing this action game with a western theme online for free gives you unlimited access to it. The game is set in the American West.

Everyone in the area is aware that there is a new sheriff in town. Your job as sheriff will be to take out various bad guys. You only need a gun and a good shot for this. Use bullet reflections to find those who are hiding in difficult-to-reach areas. Before the bandits defeat you, use your revolver to dispatch all of them and advance to the stage's conclusion.

How To Play

Keep the sheriff's hands under control as you aim the gun at the target. Beware of bullet ricochets that could hit the Sheriff in the back. To complete the level, empty every bottle.

Wishing you luck and fun!

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