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Ragdoll Duel: Boxing

Ragdoll Duel: Boxing

An excellent boxing game for one or two players is Ragdoll Duel: Boxing. Are you ready to win the crown of champion?

You must move the ball fast and always be attacking. For a number of rounds, you and your opponent will box. In this entertaining ragdoll game with a variety of characters, punch your opponent quickly. You have to become a boxing champion in this 3D game. Make sure you don't run out of energy. Get ready to swap gloves and unleash some stunning fists on your foe!  

How To Play


  • Use A/D: Move
  • Use S: Crouch
  • Use F: Punch/ Use G: Super Punch 


  • Use left/right arrow: Move
  • Use down arrow: Crouch
  • Use L: Punch/Use K: Super Punch

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