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Rabbids Wild Race

Rabbids Wild Race

In the funny multiplayer game Rabbids Wild Race, you must use your jetpack-equipped Rabbid to fly to the finish line. 

Everyone who isn't in the race should run for their lives since the crazy Rabbids now have jetpacks! Create a unique version of your cunning Rabbid and get started right now. With your jetpack, avoid obstacles and bounce off other opponents to stop them from winning.

Tips and Tricks 

Following the race, you can utilize the stars you gathered to unlock an armor from the main menu. You might sustain more damage in your upcoming race if you wear this armor.

With the money you earn from playing, you can unlock lovely clothing for your Rabbid in the shop. To make your Rabbid stand out, pair glasses and hats like the Viking cap with the rest of your clothing.

How To Play

To move, press the arrow keys or WASD. 

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