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Pixel Village Battle 3D.IO

Pixel Village Battle 3D.IO

One of the greatest brand-new 3D multiplayer Shooting games is Pixel Village Battle 3D.IO

Enter the role of a warrior and battle other players to become the village's greatest hero! In Pixel Village Battle 3D.IO, your objective is to eliminate your rivals and accumulate as many points as you can. There are numerous game modes available in Pixel Village Battle 3D.IO that will provide you with endless hours of wonderful pleasure.

How To Play

Once you enter the town and select your first combat, you will be paired with either the red or blue side. You must take out the other ones in order to save the two of them. Your performance, rank, and coin earnings all improve with the number of defeats you log.

You can purchase upgrades, gear, skins, and new weapons with those coins to make yourself more equipped. Due to the timed nature of the battles, you must survive and eliminate as many opponents as you can before the clock hits zero.


Use the mouse to aim and fire your weapons, WASD for movement, space for jumping, and shift for running!

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