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Pixel Apocalypse Survival Online

Pixel Apocalypse Survival Online

One of the hardest and most demanding games available right now is Pixel Apocalypse Survival Online

Staying alive against the zombies who are attacking you and trying to eat you is the goal of this game! Anarchy is caused everywhere by the zombies. It is the fight that all living things must participate in! Zombies can rise to become empires at any time. Perhaps this will indeed be the last day! MPS-16, a group of survivors, is seeking to gather further living individuals. They're traveling throughout the globe in search of guns, snipers, and other shooters to eliminate zombies. The gunmen must fight their way through the pitch-black evening with a few firearms.

How to play

Choose between playing in campaign mode offline, where you progress through increasingly challenging missions, or playing online on one of the continental servers. When you're ready, select your group and get going! 


  • Click the left mouse button to shoot. 
  • Use the right-click to aim.
  • To reload your weapon, press R. 
  • To switch up your weapon, use the mouse scroller or the buttons 1 through 8.
  • To crouch, press C.
  • To run, press Shift
  • To jump, use SPACEBAR. 
  • Press ESC to release the cursor. 
  • To enter conversation mode, use the Return key after pausing with Tab, then press it again to send a message. 
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