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Parkour Climb and Jump

Parkour Climb and Jump

The fun parkour game Parkour Climb and Jump is based on the real-life skill of overcoming obstacles, whether they be man-made or natural.

You have to dance and perform parkour actions in this game to collect all the crystals. Always keep an eye on the distance indicator so you know how far away and in which direction the diamond is. In this entertaining parkour, you can jump around as high as you like. However, you have obligations. Can you finish your assignment and gather every lost diamond in Parkour Climb and Jump?

You must follow the directional cues that direct you to successive crystals in each level. To quickly get to the far-off area of the city, use your zipline as a bungee. The entire city is constructed for your tricks.


  • Animated, multicolored 3D visuals.
  • Intricate layers.
  • Access to a free city map is provided.
  • To aid in keeping tabs on the diamond's progress, a distance keeper is available.

How To Play

  • Use Spacebar to Climb the wall / Jump 
  • Use C to slide
  • Use E to use the bungee
  • Use F to Dance 
  • Use the Mouse to Look around 
  • Use WASD to Movement 
  • Use Shift to Run 

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