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Papa's Burgeria

Papa's Burgeria

Take a job at a hamburger joint and finish completing orders at Papa's Burgeria. Create the greatest burgers possible using the best ingredients to make the business thrive. 

In this follow-up to the critically acclaimed smash game "Papa's Freezeria," you're taking Papa Louie's new burger joint back to the kitchen! Orders must be taken, burgers must be grilled, toppings must be added, and sandwiches must be served to waiting patrons. Since this is a professional enterprise, every decision you make must be well thought out; otherwise, you risk serving burgers that not even the healthiest person would eat.

How To Play

To navigate between Stations, click and drag burgers and toppings, and use the mouse.

It is important that you monitor the temperature and timer. The patties need to be cooked through on all sides. 

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