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Noob VS Evil Granny

Noob VS Evil Granny

Are you prepared to put your courage to the test and confront your greatest phobia in Noob VS Evil Granny?

Noob went on a romantic journey with his beloved. The pair wanted to do something special and see the most breathtaking locations in Minecraft. Nevertheless, calamity struck as soon as they arrived in one community. Then, out of nowhere, a bleeding guy leaped, and Nubik's eyes lost their sparkle. His sweetheart is being held captive! She has been missing for a while. The police did not take any action in response to the incident. It would appear that you are in need of taking some action. Seek her out and rescue her from danger.

How To Play

To win and finally vanquish the wicked Granny, you must make use of all of their abilities and assets.

  • Use WASD to move
  • Use space to jump
  • Use shift to run 
  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot
  • Use R to reload
  • Use F to pick up items
  • Use CTRL to crouch.

This amazing journey consists of 6 stages. Always, the next step is more difficult than the one before. Battle terrible creatures while searching Granny's home for weapons and other priceless items. Before it's too late, put on a brave face and save the girl!

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