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Mob Control

Mob Control

Play the incredibly addicting casual arcade game Mob Control now! enlarge your audience to counter the opposition!

It is necessary to pass through multiplier gates in order to increase the number of your mob in order to overtake the opponent base. They have no chance if the calculations are done correctly and with a little luck! To help you prepare for this assignment and save the city, read on.

You must analyze your alternatives and send your troops via the most effective portals to do this. You're going to shoot a tiny gun. A foe in front of you will use all his might to protect both his castle and himself. Be cautious when employing combos because some platforms require your warriors to pass through two portals in quick succession.

How To Play

To move the main character in Mob Control, press the arrow keys. 


  • Vividly colored, three-dimensional graphics
  • A highly difficult process for establishing romantic relationships
  • Gifts and monetary inducements
  • Coming soon are more features and a gaming store.

Make sure you have an adequate number of blue stickmen to fight the red enemy hordes. Avoid the red gates and drive the red throng away from you as they try to ruin your fun! How many can you put together?

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