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Merge Monster Attack

Merge Monster Attack

Merge Monster Attack adds a thrilling new twist to action games by giving you a unique way to combine weapons that test your reflexes and smart thinking.

The main gameplay mechanic is combining weapons to expand your arsenal, which is essential for fending off waves of opponents that get harder to defeat. Even if a dozen monsters pile up on top of a short fence, it probably won't be protected. As a result, you must consider what will be positioned behind the barrier. As the game gets harder, each enemy type has distinct characteristics that must be overcome with strategy and fast thinking.

How To Play

Combine a variety of weaponry on the field; bows will be the first to be used. A more potent bow can be created by combining two of the same sort, and that same bow can also be combined. When you're ready, aim for the linemen who will shortly emerge over the horizon and start to close in on your positions by pressing the Fight button.

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