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Merge And Invade

Merge And Invade

Merge And Invade will draw you in with a variety of gaming options and game themes that gamers are eager to uncover in their spare time.

Let's get through today's challenging fighting sequences. Each player can contribute to the quest in a unique way. assemble warriors to form an army. You are a daring king in a brand-new castle, prepared to play an army-building game. To finish the game, collect troops and purchase the first barracks. The online play of the game that we suggest is quite popular with users.

How To Play

The region where your blue character will be positioned will be visible to you on the screen in front of you. There will be a specific-sized gray area next to it. White males will appear in it at a signal. These are the soldiers of your future. You will have to move across this area while in control of your hero and touch each and every white man. In this manner, you can enlist them in your army. The tour through the area will then begin.

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