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Last Stickman Fighter

Last Stickman Fighter

In Last Stickman Fighter, the thrilling game that pits friends and fans against one another from around the world, take part in the final fight of Stickman games.

The duel will start when given the signal. Weapons will drop to the ground and appear in various locations in the air. In a thrilling 4-stick free-for-all battle, command your Stickman to run, jump, and battle. Throughout 9 thrilling rounds, demonstrate your abilities and become among the top 4 competitors. You can now take use of a sizable collection of entertaining weapons and more than 100 action-packed maps.

You will have to compete against ominous opponents in Last Stickman Fighter who will employ incredible martial arts and fighting tactics, but you must show that you're stronger!

How To Play

Move and slide with the mouse's left click, and attack using the mouse's right click. Pass each level as many times as you can to unlock each weapon.

When you engage in furious free-for-all duels, be ready to experience the glory days of Stick Figure animation. Are you prepared to compete for the title of Last Stickman Fighter? Get involved and show your mettle on the battlefield! 

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