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Infinite Heroes

Infinite Heroes

In the board card game Infinite Heroes, you must enter a fantastical world of adventure. 

Play as one of the eight heroes in Infinite Heroes, including a diligent explorer, a formidable wizard, a magnificent warlock, or anyone else! Take on the army of monsters and vanquish the demon. The game may seem straightforward at first, but you'll face complicated obstacles. Heroes, beasts, magical objects, portals, and artifacts. To win, gather spoils and wealth. 

 Infinite Heroes Features

  • Adventure Mode: Choose a hero, then vanquish every foe.
  • Five beautiful locations: The journey of the hero passes through snow-capped mountains, a thick forest, a sticky marsh, a scorching desert, and a raging volcano.
  • Each combat in the game is different because of the infinite permutations of foes, loot, and portals.

How To Play

Move the card by dragging with the left mouse button.

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