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Infantry Attack: Battle 3D FPS

Infantry Attack: Battle 3D FPS

Using a range of weaponry, Infantry Attack: War 3D FPS allows you to become an elite soldier. Do you want to fight the opposing soldiers who are invading your squad in a modern war?

The world has exploded into World War III, and your nation's future is at stake. Your responsibility as a committed soldier demands that you respond immediately while the enemy continues to attack our country. It is your duty to protect the nation at all costs. To get beyond each obstacle and go closer to the big win, your ability and plan are essential.  Each mission puts you to the test and pushes your limits as a soldier by presenting a fresh set of goals and difficulties. 


  • Use WASD to move, 
  • Use Shift to sprint, 
  • Use Space to jump, 
  • Use Q/E to peek, 
  • Use Ctrl to crouch, 
  • Use X to prone, 
  • Use Mouse left to open fire, 
  • Use Mouse right to aim

Ready to pick up arms, answer the call, and lead the attack against the enemy forces encroaching? 

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