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Hunter Hitman

Hunter Hitman

Players are going to be on the edge of their seats throughout Hunter Hitman since it is such an immersive and difficult game.

Your goal as a hitman with only a knife and your lethal assassination abilities is to defeat all of your adversaries. Use stealth to approach your targets covertly and defeat them quickly. The higher your combo and the better your prize, the quicker you can eliminate many targets.

To open loot boxes, which contain cards that may be used to get various character skins, you must accumulate cash. Return each day to get rewards. Find loot boxes that contain cards. To upgrade your characters, assemble three of the same kind of cards. While evading detection, the player must employ cunning planning and quick reflexes to eliminate each target in this action-packed game.

How To Play

To sneak up on your adversaries, use your mouse.

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