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Halloween Skeleton Smash

Halloween Skeleton Smash

Your goal in Halloween Skeleton Smash is to continue driving your vehicle as far as you can. How much gas you have left and how damaged the automobile is will determine how long you can stay on the road. 

This is just another one of the fascinating pleasures that come with Halloween. Play Halloween Skeleton Smash and do your hardest to flee down this eerie road! Smashing as many skeletons as you can while driving is your main goal. Refrain from colliding the van with objects that could permanently harm it, like coffins, trees, or explosives. As you drive past the army of skeletons, exercise caution since some of them may injure you.


Use the Left Mouse or the Left/Right Keyboard Arrows. To drive or change directions, click.

One of the many Halloween games you may play to enjoy this unique time of year is this creepy one. So go ahead and play a ton of other spooky games!

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