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Granny Returns Haunted House

Granny Returns Haunted House

In the terrible follow-up to the well-known Granny Game, Granny Returns Haunted House, you have to gather all your bravery and cunning to evade the relentless Granny. Take in the spooky ambiance of an abandoned asylum, complete with unsettling noises, surprising apparitions, and a persistent sense of danger.  Discover the crumbling hallways, creaky chambers, and secret areas—each with eerie details that will chill your blood to the bone.

How to play

Employ your intellect to decipher clues and navigate frightening circumstances. Players need to be vigilant and always on the move to avoid getting captured because there are potential hazards in every area of the prison. Search the area carefully for items that will enable you to escape while remaining out of sight of the hospital's deadly residents.  

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