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Grand Skibidi Town 2

Grand Skibidi Town 2

Grand Skibidi Town 2 immerses you in a wide and rich sandbox area that is reminiscent of cityscapes from Grand Theft Auto.

You should keep hitting and running because the Skibidi Toilets will appear everywhere. Try to hit their heads so that the bullet has a brief window of time to aim at the next victim. With a large metropolis to explore and a choice of cars to drive, Grand Skibidi Town 2 offers sandbox-style gameplay. You will get more equipment items at the next level if you finish the current one. The game gets increasingly difficult as you advance through the levels. 


  • Use WASD to Move. 
  • Use LMB to Shoot. 
  • Use RMB to Aim. 
  • Use R to Reload. 
  • Use G to Grenade. 
  • Use Space to Jump. 
  • Use F to Use.

Prepare yourself for a journey where the tale and the pacing will be determined by your choices. Will you accept the challenge?

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