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Galactic Sniper

Galactic Sniper

In the movie Galactic Sniper, good robots on a planet in our solar system turned evil and now seek to destroy everything! With an incredible plasma sniper weapon, similar to those found in the greatest shooting games, you are the hero!

Prepare yourself with thirty thrilling stages in Galactic Sniper! While some robots whizz about, others stand motionless. It is pretty apparent what your objective is: save the planet and establish yourself as the galaxy's best sharpshooter! Breathe deeply, aim your gun, and you may hit two robots with one hit. Can you defeat them all as the best space shooter? 

How To Play

While you aim with the mouse, you fire with the left click. Take your time and make thoughtful judgments before firing to make sure every shot counts. By completing a variety of difficult tasks requiring deft shooting and calculated strategy, players can advance through the game. 

Are you prepared for the challenge then? Show the cosmos that you're the greatest kid in the galaxy by grabbing your plasma sniper rifle, getting involved, and dominating the game!

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