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Funny Blade & Magic

Funny Blade & Magic

Funny Blade & Magic is a highly addicting action game with an intriguing plot in which you must play the role of a former goblin king.

A former goblin king in Funny Blade & Magic seeks revenge on his uncle for his heinous betrayal and to take back his rightful throne! You have a ton of exciting levels ahead of you, each needing you to eliminate a specific amount of opponents to go on to the next phase. Experience the power of magic as you use some unusual spells, go past scary obstacles, and earn a ton of cash to unlock new styles and weapons.

How to play Funny Blade & Magic

To get started, watch this brief tutorial to learn the fundamentals of melee combat and how to use your newly acquired abilities. Grab your large axe and use it to whittle down anyone who tries to stand in your way! Every map consists of a settlement with structures and traps. To observe your surroundings and organize your attack, jump up on top of the buildings. The traps can work in your favor.


  • Move about using the WASD keys, and attack with the mouse.
  • Press the F key to utilize telekinesis to force your adversaries into the traps when they have aligned themselves with the traps. 

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