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Freddys Return Village Escape

Freddys Return Village Escape

Play this Freddys Return Village Escape without having to worry about the monster Freddy. You will come across enigmatic hints and impenetrable riddles across the settlement, all of which will lead you closer to the reality of your imprisonment.

Game modes

Escape Mode

Your objective is straightforward: escape the enigmatic abandoned city unharmed. Play the escape mode to get a feel for the location. There will be difficulties and barriers in your path as you make your way across the wintry terrain, keeping you from reaching freedom. Investigate every area of the map to find hints and secrets that will help you get away.

Survival Mode 

As Freddy and his snowman goons hunt you down and attack you, the stakes are higher. In your battle to survive, you must repel waves of foes while armed with weapons of your own defense. How much longer can you withstand Freddy's assault?


  • Use WASD to move
  • Use your mouse to look around
  • Use space to move side or jump
  • Use C to crouch
  • Use Shift to run
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