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FPS Assault Shooter

FPS Assault Shooter

In the shooting game FPS Assault Shooter, you can embark on a variety of solo missions to eliminate all the terrorists. 

As you move about as an infiltrator in a hive full of terrorists, you will have to put on the armor of a valiant soldier. Do your best to complete a series of missions in various locations throughout the world while guiding our heroic mercenary from one spot to another and protecting his life.

How To Play

As a shooter, select your weapon for assault warfare and confront your foes. Become a successful player in this classic assault shooting game by upgrading your arsenal.


  • Use the WASD or arrow keys: to Move  
  • Use the left mouse button: to Shoot. 
  • Use the right mouse button: to Aim
  • Use G: for throwing a grenade 
  • Use H: to Put on body armor

Are you prepared for anything awesome? We sincerely hope so and look forward to having you play more of our selection of Shooting games.  

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