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Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim

Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim

In the cutting-edge driving simulation game Flying Fire Truck Driving Sim, you take on the role of a firefighter navigating a crowded metropolis while being attacked by vicious criminals.

Rush into action as you patrol the city on the lookout for erratic sports cars drivers and drifters. Also, be on the lookout for catastrophic calamities that require you to intervene and put out flames. Using your fire engines or on foot with your fire hose, explore the city! Go out on foot to fight fires and save the day as a fireman! With realistic driving and challenging fireman situations, take control of this fire truck driving simulator.

How To Play

To drive the bus, press the WASD or arrow keys.


  • Advance your firefighting career by unlocking the many various fire trucks at the fire station.
  • In an amazing new driving game, explore a large city.
  • Grab the fire hose and leave it in a car or on foot.
  • The best car game images with dynamic HD camera angles.
  • In the newest fire games, there are realistic firefighting missions.
  • In the brand-new firetruck driving video game, control high-tech flying fire engines.
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