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Egg Wars

Egg Wars

Egg Wars is one of the most well-known games available on Cubecraft, and we highly recommend that you play it.

This team-based PVP game is being played by a large number of players. In order for the other team to respawn before shooting all of their players, it is necessary to destroy each team's egg.

Be the terrifying egg soldier in Egg Wars who will stop at nothing to win this strange melee fight, and you'll have an experience unlike no other! You have an endless amount of time to gather tokens from generators to use in the store to purchase armor, weapons, and other stuff.

Teams can be made up of one person, two people, four people, or ten people. Be very careful since when you pass away, your inventory is also lost.

Rules of Egg Wars

There will be a total of 16 players distributed across four teams. They are going to be born on four different islands. On the island, there is both a base and an egg. Members of the team can be brought back to life as long as the egg is still present.

The island is expected to generate iron, gold, and diamonds, all of which were traded with island merchants in exchange for various pieces of apparatus.

Make use of the various tools and building blocks at your disposal to add more resources to the island in the center of the map.

How To Play

  • Move by using WASD.
  • Use your mouse to aim and shoot.
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