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Dino Shooter Pro

Dino Shooter Pro

Take off on an exciting adventure with Dino Shooter Pro, a gunfight game that takes place on a dangerous island where dinosaurs and violent opponents are in full swing. 

The hostile dinosaurs that follow you across this strange island, as well as your adversaries. They are vicious beasts that will attack anyone who tries to get in their way! Try not to run out of ammunition, aim and shoot fearlessly, and destroy them all while trying your hardest to keep your own life safe. Reinvest your earnings to improve your armaments and enjoy restoring tranquility to this stunning island overrun by dinosaurs!

Tips to play

  • Holding down the "gear" button allows you to enhance your gun and add more ammunition with the prizes you received.
  • Finish objectives to earn extra points and access useful power-ups like the meteorite.
  • Check out the daily rewards available to you by returning to the game on our website.


To play, click or tap with the mouse.

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