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Desire IO

Desire IO

First-person shooter multiplayer game Desire IO offers competitions, team modes, and level assignments.

Get access to new fighters, enhance your current roster, compete against other gamers, and more! There are many other gamers competing against one another in different arenas from all over the world. Each player's primary goal during combat is to maintain their life while eliminating as many of their adversaries as they can in Desire IO. After choosing a hero, weapons, and ammunition, you will reach a specific location. With the use of the control keys, you will be commanding the activities of your hero.

Desire IO Features 

  • Realistic 3D graphics.
  • Featuring real-time gamers and characters to unlock.
  • Play a first-person shooter game.
  • At the third level, the tournament mode becomes available.

How To Play

  • Use W,A,S,D: To move
  • Use Mouse: To shoot
  • Use 1,2,3: To change weapons
  • Use R: To reloading bullets
  • Use Shift: To run
  • Use C: To crouch
  • Use Space: To jump
  • Use V: To knife
  • Use T,Y: To chat
  • Use Tab: To scoreboard
  • Use Esc: To pause

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