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Crazy Plane Shooter

Crazy Plane Shooter

The shoot-em-up game Crazy Plane Shooter is played in a classic style that uses a side-scrolling format. Blast your way past the last boss after the third level. 

You play as a plane in this game that must shoot down invaders on an exotic planet. The game is set on an alien planet. Get ready for a space fight on a faraway planet where strange monsters attempt to sabotage your spaceship. Destroy all the ships on three separate stages while dodging enemy fire and getting ready for the boss battle at the end.

How To Play

  • Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move 
  • Use SPACEBAR to shoot 
  • Touch to move the spaceship on a mobile device. 
  • To get the best scores in this side-scrolling game, try to live as long as you can. 

Participate in this unique game and have a lot of fun.  

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