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Cowboy vs Skibidi Toilets

Cowboy vs Skibidi Toilets

As you confront the strange invasion of Skibidi Toilets, lose yourself in the spirit of the Wild West in Cowboy vs Skibidi Toilets

Enter the wild realm of Skibidi Toilet, where mysterious toilet occurrences collide with the Wild West. You take on the role of a cowboy in this thrilling and unusual shooting game, and your aim is to destroy any Skibidi restroom that gets in your way. 

How to play

Strike tactically, aim correctly, and weather the toilet attack to advance and find fascinating new weapons.


  • To move, use WASD.
  • Utilize the left mouse button to aim or target
  • To aim, use the right mouse button.
  • To leap, use the spacebar.

Key Features

  • Wild West Setting: Join a cowboy on a journey to experience the excitement of the Wild West.
  • Quirky Opponents: Engage in a unique battle against the hilarious Skibidi Toilets.
  • Varied Weapons: To improve your cowboy shooting abilities, unlock and utilize a variety of weaponry.
  • Survival Challenge: Test your instincts for survival as you try to withstand each round in the survival challenge.
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