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Counter Craft 3 Zombies

Counter Craft 3 Zombies

In the world of Minecraft, Counter Craft 3 Zombies offers exciting and entertaining zombie shooting. 

Using one of three weapon types, the objective of Counter Craft 3 Zombies is to repel waves of zombies and remain alive. You'll find out what it's like to be sent to a Minecraft village where the residents have become monsters who have a craving for human blood due to a terrible sickness that has swept across them. This is where you're on your own! Additionally, you'll have to get rid of armed robber gangs and nasty zombies throughout the neighborhood. To survive and finish each level, use three different types of weaponry to shoot a set number of zombies while keeping an eye out for opposing soldiers and explosives. 


  • Use WASD to move.
  • Use mouse cursor for aim.
  • Use Mouse Wheel - Change weapon
  • Use left click to fire.

As the game progresses, you will encounter increasingly challenging enemies including troops and bombs. Thus, best of luck! 

Don't forget to complete the other Counter Craft games in the series: Counter Craft 2 Zombies, and Counter Craft 4. Good luck, and have a great time!

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