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Blue vs Red!

Blue vs Red!

Blue vs. Red is an action-platform game with side-scrolling gameplay that you should try. Assist the Blue character in getting past all the barriers and eliminating the Reds!

In this never-ending running game, your goal is to see how far you can get the two cube characters by guiding them around the many hazards and traps in their path. In order to demonstrate your superiority, you should win this race by finishing ahead of your friend.

There are 15 thrilling levels with lots of dangers in Blue vs. Red waiting for you. The difficulty rises with each level, and not every player can get past all the barriers! Every player will be able to get past every obstacle! To upgrade your hero, gather as many coins as you can along the way. Good luck getting through!

How To Play

Use the WASD keys for shooting controls, or hold down or press the space bar (Space).

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