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Blocky Combat Strike Survival

Blocky Combat Strike Survival

The game Blocky Combat Strike Survival goes beyond the conventions of a conventional zombie apocalyptic story. Your primary goals are to stay alive and look for other individuals. There are choices for both single-player and multiplayer play, so you may select how you want to fight.

How to play

To live in the face of the roving zombies, take caution when shooting and use cover. While moving, prioritize targeted shooting to stay ahead of zombie swarms. Making use of the surroundings can also give one a tactical edge. Remember to experiment with different weapons; they all have special qualities that can come in handy in close quarters. 


  • To move, use WASD.
  • Use your mouse to point and scan the area.
  • Utilize LMB to fire
  • To leap, use the spacebar. 

You'll come across various modes in this game as you advance, each of which calls for a unique survival strategy. Practice regularly to improve your gameplay and abilities.

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