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Blind Boat Shooting Master

Blind Boat Shooting Master

In Blind Boat Shooting Master, take part in turn-based combat with other pirates, robbers, and raft warriors as you explore new areas and travel through other countries. 

Building your own raft and navigating through a vividly colored universe are the cornerstones of an exciting adventure. This is an inexhaustible source of entertainment for gamers of all skill levels, including a broad roster of over 30 characters and a distinctive comic book design.  As you travel through different regions and open up new ones, each encounter tests your ability to move wisely and outwit your opponents.

How To Play

To defeat enemies and collect gold, players must aim and fire while immersing themselves in an environment with a distinct comic book look. Set out on your customized raft and prepare for thrilling turn-based combat with a variety of adversaries, such as pirates, thieves, and other raft warriors.

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